Scientists have found a way to remove side effects from drugs

Scientists have found a way to remove side effects from drugs

A new way to get rid of the side effects of powerful drugs is helping to deliver them to the body.

Cures only this way

People with serious illnesses are forced to take powerful drugs and read At the same time, we should not forget the saying that “you cure one, you cripple the other”. As you know, folk wisdom should be listened to.

Taiwanese scientists have come close to saying, “it cures what you need.” Yes, according to their claim, this is exactly the effect of the liquid robot they have created, which is capable of instantly delivering medication to the right part of the human body without affecting other internal organs.

Maximum benefit

The device is less than a centimeter long. As the authors clarified, they set a goal to create such a device, which would deliver strong and side-effect drugs directly to the center of the disease.

The device invented by scientists floating in the blood consists of magnetic nanoparticles. Scientists claim that the robot can carry itself through the bloodstream and change shape, as well as divide and reconnect into a single unit. For example, when the device encounters obstacles or narrow passageways, it is able to collapse and then rebuild again.

Scientists believe that the properties of the robot will be useful both for treatment and medical diagnosis, and for targeted delivery of drugs to the body. According to experts, this possibility will change the rules of the game, because the patient will be able to swallow the drug-transfer robot, and every tiny drop of medicine will get to the right place.

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